Doug Jones as Saru in Star Trek: Discovery

The decision to throw ‘Star Trek: Discovery‘ into the future was a bold one by Alex Kurtzman though it is one which can finally have fans potentially be able to enjoy the series more without thinking about continuity issues. Now, Doug Jones who plays Saru on the series has delivered official confirmation of something that we’ve all been hoping for in the upcoming season! The USS Discovery will find out what happened with The Federation of Planets.

The news came  during an interview at The Saturn Awards where Jones revealed:

“We jumped to the future at the end of Season 2. This is a big deal. We’ve boldly gone where no Star Trek series has gone before…So we’re gonna see what happens in the future. What condition is the Federation in? We’re gonna find out when we land. What happens to me and my rank? I’m a Commander, but I’m also acting Captain of the ship because we lost all our captains now. I take the ship and so, do I get to keep the Captain’s chair? Do I have to give it away to another Federation/ Starfleet captain in the future? We’re gonna find out all that when we get there.”

While many who are invested in the series are likely to wonder what this means to Saru’s transitioning from Lieutenant Commander to Captain, it really is the status of the Federation I’m interested in. Will humanity have been able to continue on a mission of exploration or have more wars popped up with other species such as The Borg?  Also, it will be fun to see if we get any updates on other species such as the Vulcans, Klingons, and more!

You can watch the interview below:



I’m not going to lie, this could be a great way to potentially kick off a new “Star Trek” series set in the future with advanced technology depending on how they introduce the concept and what condition Star Fleet is in.

Are you eager to check in to how Star Fleet had changed? What are your thoughts on ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ changing time periods? How will Star Fleet deal with a crew from such an ancient time period returning? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Collider