‘Doctor Who’ fans are clamoring for the seventh season of the show to hurry up and get here. The new season is set to air sometime this fall but no release date has yet been set.

What we do know is that the Doctor’s seventh season will consist of 13 episodes plus the Christmas episode. It’s also been made clear by the show’s creators that this will be the season that Amy and Rory Pond will be leaving the Doctor’s side as his companions and the Doctor will meet a new friend.

Some new photos from the set of filming on the third episode reveals that the Ponds (Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill) are still with the Doctor (Matt Smith) at least that far. Ben Browder (‘Farscape’) is set to co-star in the episode. The episode is a Wild West romp that will apparently have the Doctor facing off against a cyborg cowboy. Syfy’s Blastr posted 27 new set images, 12 of which are posted blow. For the full set, head over to Blastr.

The Wild West episode is actually being filmed in Almaria, Spain. The town has been modeled to look like an old West town, but there’s no word if this is based on an actual place in history or if this is one of the multitude of worlds that the Doctor and his companions will visit.

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