“The Tides That Bind” has a fairly dark intro with a group of young boys on a dock before they hog tie one of the boys to a cement block and toss him into the water. The beginning had a bit of a “Lovecraftian” feel to it, which I personally loved.

When a body washes up on shore sporting one of the mysterious tattoos, the medical examiner finds a suicide note. For a small town, no one seems to recognize him. The tattoo is revealed to be a family thing for the Glendowers, who are known to have some sort of cult affiliation.

When the child turns up missing, Audrey and Nathan go to investigate. When they meet Cole Glendower and his wife, they look at Audrey as if they’ve seen a ghost. When they question them about the whereabouts of Daniel, and indeed, the rest of the children, they are met with resistance.

One of the children says, “You can’t have him, he’s one of us now.” They go to the Rev to stave off a man hunt that would most likely have ended badly. Back at the office, Audrey asks Nathan what all the “Follow @DaveHaven and Follow @VinceHaven” flyers are doing on her desk, further building on the Twitter back story so ingeniously tied into the show.

Later that evening, Nathan and Audrey check out the Glendower home, Audrey finds a picture of Lucy, which was not that big a surprise with the looks of recognition she got from them earlier. Nathan hears water running and finds Daniel completely submerged. He appears to have drowned, until his eyes flash open – causing them to step back in shock.

Glen rushes into the room and Audrey then realizes that Daniel needs to go back under the water, and allows Glen to help him. Later on, Glen explains the origins of the family “trouble” and for centuries, they had to go into the water as it became impossible to breathe air.

The photo of Lucy as Glen explains Audrey couldn’t be her, because she would be in her fifties now. The Rev’s late wife, or rather very much alive former wife, had actually run away from him and fallen for someone else.

In a showdown on the docks, Reverend Driscoll and his men are attacked from something in the water. Glen confronts them when he himself emerges from the water. Nathan asks him to trust him that the Rev didn’t actually have the children.

Nathan pins the Rev to the wall of the dock, making sure he knows that Nathan does not care for him or his tactics. Mary has taken the children, and Nathan gives Driscoll no alternative but to help. The Rev, refuses to help unless Nathan and Audrey join him in Sunday Services to show that they stand with him, they refuse. Driscoll in turn, refuses to help. Nathan calls in the Rev’s former wife as his ace in the hole. He finally decides to help the children.

The autopsy on Leith (the body found on shore) reveals he was murdered. No surprise there really. Leith was going to blackmail Glen so Glen killed him, knowing that taking him to jail would kill him, Glen and the rest of the “troubled” family take to the water.

Duke confronts Glen about the tattoos, and Glen informs him that he is being watched, and to stay out of his father’s business. And Evi is revealed to be working with Reverend Driscoll. To what end, is uncertain.

Yet another wonderful episode of Haven, and I find myself looking forward to next week! If you missed our last recap, you won’t want skip this one, I can assure you! ‘Haven: Audrey’s Day Off’ – Recap