With the cancellation of ’Eureka’ and ‘Sanctuary,’ Syfy is on the lookout for their next scripted program and it looks like it could be ‘High Moon.’

Bryan Fuller (‘Hannibal’, ‘Mockingbird Lane,’ ‘Heroes’) and Robert Halmi Sr have been developing ‘High Moon’ with the Syfy network for the past two years and it has finally received the green light to start production on a much awaited pilot.

‘High Moon’ is an adaptation of the 1969 YA sci-fi novel ‘The Lotus Caves’ written by John Christopher. It takes place in a futuristic time where the moon has been colonized by the countries of Earth to mine the Moon’s resources. When a couple of teenage boys make an alien discovery, various factions of the colony erupts into chaos and race to uncover and exploit its “powerful secrets.”

“This is a fresh and compelling vision of an exotic new world driven by character, intrigue and greed,” says Syfy’s President of Original Content, Mark Stern.

Fuller celebrated the news of the pilot order by issuing this tweet:

The 90 minute pilot episode was written by Jim Danger Gray (‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’, ‘Pushing Daisies’) who will executive produce along with Fuller and Robert Halmi Sr. (who has produced the Syfy miniseries ‘Tin Man,’ ‘Alice,’ and ‘Neverland’).

Production of ‘High Moon’ will begin in Vancouver sometime in the fall and if received well, will turn into a series. If not, it may have the same fate as ‘Three Inches,’ another Syfy’s pilot that wasn’t picked up and ended up being shown as a movie of the week.


Source: Deadline