James Gunn appears to have turned to a frequent collaborator to provide the voice of King Shark in ‘The Suicide Squad’— comedian Steve Agee.  He appeared as “Comic Book Store Jerk” in Gunn’s second film, ‘Super’, Gef in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2’, and as EJ in ‘Brightburn’, a film that Gunn produced.  Agee is only reported as supplying the voice of King Shark, not the motion-capture performance, but at 6’6″, he’s certainly the right size, so we’ll see if more news emerges.

Agee is a busy guy, appearing as Lee on Lifetime’s ‘American Princess’, Isaac on ‘Superstore’, Dutch on Hulu’s ‘You’re the Worst’, and voices Big Deal on ‘Twelve Forever’.  He also supplied multiple voices on ‘Adventure Time’, and portrayed Outside Dave on ‘The New Girl’, among many other credits.

With King Shark accounted for, that begs the question of who Nathan Fillion might be playing.  The fan-favorite actor was reported to have joined the cast over the weekend.  But the first table read for ‘The Suicide Squad’ is expected to take place on September 11, and filming is planned to begin on September 23.  But Fillion stars on ABC’s ‘The Rookie’ and the second season kicks off on September 29.  With that commitment, it would seem impossible that he’d be free to star in a major role in ‘The Suicide Squad’.

Gunn wrote the screenplay for ‘The Suicide Squad’ and will direct.  The main cast consists of:  Idris Elba in an undisclosed role, but that may be Bronze Tiger, Storm Reid as his daughter,  Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang, David Dastmalchian as Polka-Dot Man, Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag, Daniela Melchior as Ratcatcher, and Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.  John Cena was reportedly in talks but his casting has not been confirmed.  He may be playing The Peacemaker.

‘The Suicide Squad’ is due in theaters on August 6, 2021.  Check back for updates as they become available.

Source: Comic Book Movie