Tales from the Crypt

TNT has picked up M. Night Shyamalan‘s ‘Tales From The Crypt’ for a ten-episode run.  The new series will anchor a new block of horror programming for the network along with two other new shows ‘Time of Death’ and ‘Creatures’.  Like the original HBO series, which ran from 1989-1996, the new ‘Tales From The Crypt’ will be an anthology with a new tale each week.  The new TNT horror block will begin sometime in 2017.

Shyamalan said:

“I’m really thrilled about the way this horror block is coming together with the addition of ‘Time of Death’ and ‘Creatures’. That such a beloved property like ‘Tales from the Crypt’ is launching our evening makes it an even more unique and exciting opportunity. Across the board, the level of talent has been very inspiring.”

‘Time of Death’ is described as “‘Friday the 13th’ meets ‘Friday Night Lights'” and is a real-time slasher series that follows a group of people over the course of a single night.  (Presumably the group gets smaller and smaller each week.)  Meanwhile, ‘Creatures’ follows two friends who attempted to sacrifice a third friend to Mr. Corgi, “an urban legend from the depths of the Internet.”  Upon their release from a psychiatric hospital, they begin to “feel the call of Mr. Corgi once again.”

Tales_from_the_Crypt_24The original ‘Tales From The Crypt’ ran for a total of 93 episodes is still widely regarded as one of the best horror TV series ever and retains a cult following.

The reboot has been met with skepticism since it was announced earlier this year, mainly stemming from Shyamalan’s involvement.  After a string of hits in the 90s, his more recent movies have failed to dazzle and have performed more and more poorly.  Last year’s hit ‘The Visit’ helped redeem his reputation somewhat and he also scored a TV success with ‘Wayward Pines’ so hopefully this new venture will be at least as popular as that.

One thing sure to rile up old-school fans is the decision to NOT have the show hosted by the cackling Crypt Keeper, voiced by John Kassir, perhaps the most memorable part of the HBO show.  This rotting corpse with a morbid sense of humor helped balance out the frights from the individual episodes.

Instead, the new version will be hosted by an old man sitting by a campfire.  This may be a nod to the EC Comics upon which both shows are based.  In those, the Crypt Keeper is just that, a creepy old man.

At any rate, Shyamalan did say that the famous puppet Crypt Keeper will appear but did not elaborate.

Will you be checking out TNT’s new horror shows?  What do you think about the decision to omit the puppet Crypt Keeper?  Is that a deal-breaker for you?

Source: Screen Rant

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