So from the ‘Death of Wolverine‘ came ‘The Logan Legacy’ and ‘The Weapon X Program’ and now the three titles have interlinked to give us the first issue of ‘Wolverines.’ This is the book that brings together a few new faces and some of Logan’s closest friends and enemies to continue on a new chapter spawned from the Weapon X program. The latest subjects from ‘The Weapon X Program’ have come together and have found a way to force Mystique, X-23, Sabretooth, Daken, and Lady Deathstrike to do their bidding and find a way to save them all.

The first step though is to recover a very unique artifact shown on the cover of the issue and that would be the adamantium covered body of Wolverine himself! Somehow he appears to be factor that the newest Weapon X rejects need in order to save their own lives. When they are free, they’ll release their hold on the others, or so they claim.

I’m not convinced that these rejects from Dr. Abraham Cornelius’s latest Weapon X Program Paradise Program are all going to want to play ball when this comes to a close.

Charles Soule had already proven to have a lot of knowledge about Logan in his ‘Death of Wolverine’ story arc that weaved years of history into a tale that was actually made interesting even when we already knew the outcome. His knowledge of the character, and his associates, continues to shine as he has brings together this ragtag group of individuals with a common goal with none of them being present or in this situation by choice.

Nick Bradshaw brings on some great art in this issue with being able to not only show off the characters but really put them in harm’s way too. Well, if you can truly count going up against some of Thor’s has-been enemies as being in danger. Sure The Wrecking Crew may have super strength and durability due to their augmented weapons but has anyone ever really been able to take these guys seriously? Of course, when you find out who hired them to retrieve Wolverine’s body things suddenly get a lot more interesting and dangerous for our team. My only question is how Daken isn’t still in Horsemen mode from the recent storyline that brought him back from the dead though apparently his return to life didn’t return what had caused his death in the first place.

Maybe I missed an issue somewhere in there which explained that.

‘Wolverines’ #1 was a good introduction to what we’re going to see as the central plot of the series which is recovering Logan’s body. Honestly, the cover should have made that quite clear on what we could be expecting. The completely out of the blue villain they are now up against was a brilliant move and this was a great way to introduce the cast for those who haven’t been following the books that got us to where we are today. An interesting first issue with a couple of twists that should keep readers coming back for more!


Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Nick Bradshaw