Black Widow

Fans in attendance at D23 were treated to footage from ‘Black Widow’, but for the rest of us, Disney/Marvel Studios has released the comic-inspired poster for the film, which not only features Natasha (Scarlett Johansson) in her best costume ever (better late than never, I guess), and glimpses of the film’s Big Bad the Taskmaster, Florence Pugh as a new Black Widow, and David Harbour as the “Captain Russia” figure Red Guardian.

The artist who rendered the painting, Andy park, shared the image on Twitter:

Rachel Weisz, who plays another Black Widow, is also visible, next to Harbour, and beside Pugh are three other faces, but as to who they are, that is currently unknown.

Taskmaster looks about how you’d expect him to look in live-action, with the skull face mask.  It looks as though he has goggled.  The comic version usually has visible eyes.  He also has his hood intact.


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As for Harbour’s Crimson Guardian, he also looks like what you would expect a live-action version of that character to look like, which is to say like Captain America, just in a different color scheme.  From the helmet to the star emblem on his chest, it looks as though someone took one of Chris Evans’ old costumes and painted it.  (Just not the ‘Avengers’ costume, as we know that does nothing for one’s ass.)

Harbour recently spoke about his role to saying:

“That’s the great thing about him is not a lot of people know about him.  I think that’s one of the really fun things about this character is there’s an openness to our interpretation. I mean, the one thing that we do know is that he is the counterpart to Captain America on the Russian Soviet side, but in that way, we have a lot of play with who he is. And we are playing with him.”

‘Black Widow’ is directed by Cate Shortland.  It arrives in theaters on May 1, 2020.