When word came down last week that Constantin Film, holders of the ‘Resident Evil’ film rights, were already planning a “reboot” of the video game’s cinematic universe with a whopping six-film plan, it struck a lot of people as a very odd move.  Not to mention the fact that they just completed a six-film series based on the video games, but it’s a series that many consider the most successful adaptation of video-game to film ever – so why mess with that so soon?

Yes, Constantin announced that they are planning on focusing the new films around characters that were not featured in the original movie series – but it’s still an odd move.  So odd, in fact, that the star of the first six films, Milla Jovovich, didn’t even know it was happening!  When asked by ComicBook.com her thoughts on the matter, Jovovich replied with an incredulous:

“They’ve announced a reboot?  Okay, well good luck with that.”

After getting a few more pieces of information on the company’s plan, Jovovich later elaborated on her feelings:

“I think a lot of people with these franchises kind of put the cart before the horse. There’s a danger to that. They’ve been wanting to reboot ‘Resident Evil’ for a long time, and listen: I love the Resident Evil world. I think it’s a great property, I would do it if I was a producer. I think what made ‘Resident Evil’ so special is that the people involved really loved what they’re doing and really were fans of the game. I would suggest that you find people that have that same passion for the property before you talk about reboots. I think if you get into this kind of genre, people are very sensitive to fakes. There’s some real fans in the sci-fi/action/horror world, and they’re not idiots. They can smell when something is done because people love it and when something is done just to monetize an opportunity.”

What do you think? Do you agree with Jovovich? Give us your thoughts in the comment section below!

The final installment in the ‘Resident Evil’ original film franchise, the appropriately-named ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter,’ has recently been released on DVD/Blu-Ray and digital home video.

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