Finn Wolfhard

‘Stranger Things’ was a break-out hit when it first premiered in 2016 and is arguably Netflix’s flagship original series.  Fans have been enchanted by the retro-80s exploits of a group of teens from rural Hawkins, Indiana, who find themselves facing horrifying supernatural threats from another dimension, the Upside Down.  The series is a near-perfect blend of horror, adventure, comedy, and coming-of-age poignance.


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And according to star Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler), all of those elements will coalesce in Season 3, which he proclaims will be the best yet.  In a cover story for England’s Pilot TV, he expressed:

“The first season was more about the adventure aspect and kind of fun, the second season was more about the horror aspect, season three is everything, like the fun of season one and the horror of season two and the Duffers have got better at it, at writing it. And we’ve become better actors.”

His costar Noah Schnapp (Will Byers) seconded the opinion that the terrors are notched up this season, saying Will still has the presence of the monster left, and you kind of see what happens there.  People have asked, ‘Does Will get a break this season?’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, sure, for the first two episodes. And then no one really gets a break.”

As if Mind-Flayers and Demo-Dogs weren’t enough, the kids will have to contend with a returning human threat, namely Billy Hargrove, the bully who moved to Hawkins from California last season and proceeded to establish himself as someone to be avoided (unless you’re a sex-starved middle age cougar).  His actor, Dacre Montgomery, divulged “He’s pure evil this season.”  He was a pretty huge dick in Season 2.  It’s hard to imagine him getting worse, short of going full-Henry Bowers.  Maybe he just needs a nice dish of Scoops Ahoy! USS Butterscotch ice scream (now available at Baskin Robbins).

Get ready for more adventures and horrors!  ‘Stranger Things 3’ arrives on July 4th, 2019.