Stranger Things 3 Clip Calls Back To An '80s Teen Classic

‘Stranger Things’ is set to heat things up in its third season, which, unlike the first two, is set during the scorching summer months.  And things are about to get even hotter!  While fans have had fun picking out the references to classic ’80s movies, most overlook the fact that there are references to more than just the works of Stephen King, Steven Spielberg, and James Cameron.  Season 1 featured callbacks to ‘Pretty in Pink’, and ‘Heathers’ as well, and this new clip from Season 3 pays tribute to an ’80s favorite that holds a notorious honor– ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’.


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At some point, some folks went around to a bunch of VHS rental stores and figured out that the most freeze-framed scene in any movie ever was the dream sequence in ‘Fast Times…’ in which Phoebe Cates emerged from a swimming pool in a red bikini, only to quickly lose the top part, all set to the tune of The Cars’ ‘Moving In Stereo’.  (It’s true!  Look it up.)  That scene is flipped *ahem* upside down in this ‘Stranger Things’ clip.  The Cougars of Hawkins are gathered by the pool, but they notice when it’s time for the lifeguards to change up.  Enter Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery), strutting out in just sunglasses, a whistle, and his red bathing suit, also to the tune of ‘Moving In Stereo’.

Billy showed up as Hawkins’ newest asshole in Season 2, but one scene that endeared this bully to many fans was the one in which he flirted openly with the sexually-deprived Karen Wheeler (Cara Buono), mom of Mike and Nancy.  Now Karen and her book club (or whatever) have taken to tanning by the public pool.


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Unlike Cates in ‘Fast Times…’, Billy isn’t shown emerging soaking wet from the pool, but rather, sauntering out to take his place at the lifeguards’ chair.  He doesn’t have a top to remove.  That doesn’t make the ladies any less thirsty.

Check out this clip below:


Speaking of (a different kind of) thirsty, another fun Easter Egg shows Karen sipping on a New Coke, the infamous remixed version of the most classic of American beverages, which hit the market in the early ’80s only to bomb hard!

There are sure to be loads more Easter Eggs in the third season, so get ready for a hot time in Hawkins, when ‘Stranger Things 3’ arrives on Netflix on July 4, 2019!