The Banana Splits

Back in 1968, the world was introduced to ‘The Banana Splits Adventure Hour’ which was “part of a Hanna-Barbera variety show,” and children quickly came to know Fleegle, Bingo, Drooper, and Snorky. I suspect that most of our readers and staff have absolutely no familiarity with these childhood puppet stars, but that is all about to change. These children’s characters are about to return with a vengeance in pure B-movie slasher absurdity on Syfy!


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The network doesn’t give much in the way of details for the new film:

The beloved children’s show is back… with a vengeance, a horrible, bloody vengeance. Starring Dani Kind, Finlay Wojtak-Hissong, and Romeo Carere. Coming to Blu-Ray/DVD this Summer and premiering on SYFY later this year.

Not only will there be singing and dancing, but the film will also contain fountains of blood as this over the top series brought to us by director Danishka Esterhazy and screenwriters Jed Elinoff, and Scott Thomas looks to be just a ridiculously good time. Ridiculous at any rate, I honestly can’t say I feel that this is at all a good idea. With Syfy canceling quality shows left and right such as ‘Happy!‘, ‘Deadly Class‘, and ‘Nightflyers‘ while greenlighting a B-movie of this caliber, you have to wonder about whoever is making decisions at the network.

You can check out the trailer for ‘The Banana Splits’ right here:

I’m really not thrilled to be following a family of four squaring off against these children’s characters. The idea sounds like they found out about the new ‘Child’s Play’ film and wanted to cash in on the concept behind it, but after watching this trailer, it is clear that the execution didn’t find its footing at any point in production.

Are you at all excited about ‘The Banana Splits’? What do you think about the first trailer for the film? Is there any chance that you’ll even watch this on Syfy let alone pick up the home release? Share your thoughts about this horrible mistake in the comments below!


Source: Syfy Wire