Baskin Robbins Announces A 'Stranger Things' Menu

Unfortunately, Scoops Ahoy, the ice cream parlor located in Hawkins, IN, at the new Starcourt Mall is fictitious, but ‘Stranger Things’ fans can celebrate the return of the hit series at a real dessert establishment — Baskin Robbins.  On ‘Stranger Things 3’, Steve goes to work at Scoops Ahoy, where he meets Robin (Maya Hawke).  Robin… Baskin Robbins… Coincidence?


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Baskin Robbins is not only offering signature ‘Stranger Things’-themed edibles, but some exclusive swag as well, including Scoops Ahoy tee-shirts, an exclusive Funko Pop vinyl of Steve, and stickers and magnets.

As for the treats, for starters, BR is introducing a new ice cream flavor, Upside Down Pralines, a chocolaty twist on classic Pralines and Cream, featuring chocolate ice cream with praline pecans, and a chocolate caramel ribbon that will “turn your world Upside Down.”

If that weren’t enough, BR is using the Upside Down Pralines ice cream in the Upside Down Sundae.  Because it’s “Upside Down,” it is built in reverse, with the toppings on the bottom.  The Upside Down Pralines ice cream sits on top of caramel, whipped cream, chopped almonds, and a cherry on the bottom.

There is also a cone called Eleven’s Heaven, which capitalizes on Eleven’s favorite food, waffles!  It features waffle cone flavored ice cream with sugar cone pieces in a “chocolate flavored coating, and tied together with a chocolate icing flavored ribbon.”

The Elevenade Freeze is a mixture of vanilla ice cream and lemonade.

The like the Upside Down Sundae, the Demogorgon Sundae is built upside down.  It sounds frightening at first, but delicious once you hear what’s in it.  BR starts with their Very Berry Strawberry ice cream on top of strawberry topping inside of a “Demogorgon waffle bowl” decorated with nonpareils and red sprinkles.

BR is also offering pre-packed quarts of “U.S.S. Butterscotch” ice cream.  I’m guessing that will make sense once the new episodes arrive.  Perhaps this is Scoops Ahoy’s signature flavor?  There will be additional ‘Stranger Things’-themed quarts.

If you have an entire crew to feed, you might want to bring home the Byer’s House Lights Polar Pizza, built on top of a large cookie cake and topped with Snickers ice cream.  “Strings of fudge and M&Ms® Chocolate Candies make colorful Christmas lights, just like the ones at the Byers’ House.”

And below you can see the exclusive Steve Funko Pop, along with the tee shirt and other items.

So before you get ready to binge ‘Stranger Things 3’ when it arrives on July 4th, head down to Baskin Robbins and order some of these stranger eats!