SPOILER ALERT: This article addresses the Season Six finale of ‘The Walking Dead’ so if you are still behind, you may want to turn back.

‘The Walking Dead’ Season Six finale was certainly divisive, to say the least.  Some watchers vowed to quit the show entirely after the lengthy build-up establishing new Big Bad Negan played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan only to have him enter, deliver a long monologue (plucked straight from the comics) and then deliver a killing blow with his baseball bat Lucille.  Unfortunately, fans were left wondering who his victim was.  (You can read my guesses here.)

This cliffhanger ticked off a number of viewers as the episode as a whole seemed to creep by only to end without the gory death seemingly promised.  Those involved with the production have defended their decision.  Now the man who created this entire universe, Robert Kirkman, whose ‘The Walking Dead’ comic book was the inspiration of the TV show, has officially made a statement regarding that controversial episode, fittingly, in the latest issue of the source comic book:


So how do you feel?  Are you angry or disappointed in the ending?  Or are you excited to see how Season Seven unfolds?  Or are are you out for good?

Source: Comic Book Movie