RUMOR ALERT: This information is strictly a RUMOR at this point so that this with a grain of salt.

It was previously reported that Sony wanted Bryan Cranston to play older mentor Victor “Sully” Sullivan in the ‘Uncharted’ film adaptation, but it sounds as though that fell through.  Now it is being reported that Sony wants a few other big names for the role.  Tom Holland is already cast in the lead.


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For the film, which will reportedly be an origin story based on ‘Uncharted: Drake’s Escape’, the role of Nathan Drake is described as “edgy, intellectual, focused as hell, but also complete isolated, [which] leads him to chase risk and make sometimes reckless decisions.” Even so, he is “the perfect protégé for Sully.”  For Sully, Sony is said to be seeking a Caucasian male, 40-49 years in age.

Rugged and handsome, equal parts refinement and contagious charm, Sully is the kind of guy who turns heads when he walks into the room. Sully is a highly skilled career criminal – he knows how to read a room quickly and impressively, and nothing gets past him. He becomes Nate’s mentor and teaches him everything he knows, helping mold him from a small-time pickpocket into a skilled thief. Sully has a fun banter with Nate, and though at moments he feels like a father figure to him, in truth he is self-interested above all else. Sully does care for Nate, and goes against his instincts to save him in the end.

The first two names on Sony’s reported list don’t fit the bill when it comes to age.  First is Holland’s ‘Avengers’ costar Chris Hemsworth, who is 35.  Second is another superhero movie star, Chris Pine, 38.

Sure both are older than Holland and could fill a mentor role, but Sully is generally depicted as being older than either.  Hemsworth and Holland will both appear in ‘Avengers: Endgame’ out next month.  Later this summer, Hemsworth will be seen in ‘Men In Black: International’ with Tessa Thompson, his costar from ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, who will also apparently be in ‘Endgame’.

Pine will next be seen in the miniseries ‘I am the Night’ and on the big screen in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’.  He played something of a mentor… a father, in last year’s ‘A Wrinkle in Time’.

The other two actors that Sony is reportedly considering might fit the bill of Sully a little better– Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.

McConaughey is 49, so he is the only actor mentioned that falls within Sony’s stated age parameters, but Harrelson is (if you can believe it!) 57!  But he still takes on action roles, like his turn as Tobias Beckett in last year’s ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’.  That character was a bit of a mentor to the young Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich).  He also served as the coach Haymitch Abernathy in the ‘Hunger Games’ movies.  He is currently shooting another action role in ‘Zombieland: Double Tap’.

McConaughey is on a bit of a losing streak.  His last big-budget movie, ‘The Dark Tower’ flopped, as did the low-budget thriller ‘Serenity’.  His current film, ‘The Beach Bum’ had the worst opening of his career.  He could probably use a bit of redemption, and ‘Uncharted’ could very well deliver it.

What do you think of these options?

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