Men In Black

We’ve known about the ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ actors Chris Hemsworth & Tessa Thompson reuniting for the upcoming ‘Men in Black’ movie and now they’ve shared a behind-the-scenes look from the film with us! The franchise had run its course with Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, so taking an approach that introduces us to new agents seemed the perfect way to go. No offense to Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, but the material that they had to work with for ‘Men in Black 3’ just didn’t lend itself to expand the franchise with more of Agents K and J.

Our first look comes from Hemsworth who shared the following image on Instagram of himself and Thompson in their costumes for agent H and M respectively:


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It does look like they might be in part of their uniform but without the jackets or sunglasses, it just doesn’t look complete. What it does look like though is that Hemsworth wasn’t having a good day on set if his cheek is any indication. However, if you’d like to see at least Thompson in her jacket you can see it in the video below which was shared by Jarett Wiselman on Twitter:


The two are clearly being method actors with how serious the pair are being while not on film for the movie.

Are you looking forward to seeing Chris Hemsworth & Tessa Thompson in ‘Men in Black’? What did you think of the first photo and video which shows them off? Could this duo give Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones a run for their money? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Prepare to be neuralyzed by ‘Men in Black’ at your local theater on June 14th, 2019!

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