We’re going to have to dive deep into spoiler territory here as director Ruben Fleischer is opening up about the mid-credits scene in ‘Venom.’ What can be viewed here has already been spoiled online but for those of you who want to go into the film with as few details as possible, this is something that you’ll likely want to avoid. Yes, the mid-credits scene doesn’t reveal too much about the movie, but it is also crucial as to what is to come.

This is your last chance to turn back before Fleischer fleshes out what could be a significant moment in the film!

If you’ve read the spoilers, seen a late night showing of the movie, or are reading this after the fact you know that the first scene after the credits gives us our introduction to Woody Harrelson as the serial killer Cletus Kasidy. This is a crucial moment for setting up the sequel to ‘Venom’ as Kasidy is one of the most heinous characters to have ever been introduced by Spider-Man. Not only is he a serial killer with no remorse but also ends up bonding with the offspring of ‘Venom’ and becomes the supervillain Carnage.

This introduction was key for a sequel that would involve the villain as Fleischer states:

“He was the first person I thought of to play Cletus Kasady. And what will be fun is, if you think about Woody in Natural Born Killers, and that darkness and that menace that he can bring to a serial killer like Cletus Kasady, you know, he can go real dark and explore that. Carnage is going to be… just thinking about Venom pitting off against Carnage is just so exciting. And hopefully, fans leave the movie really looking forward to that next one. Because I think also just seeing Tom and Woody go head to head, you know, those are two great actors that I think can really create some exciting scenes.”

To be totally honest, this is the one fight I would love to see happen when it comes to ‘Venom’ with how shocking and brutal it will be. With the PG-13 rating of the first movie, it seems like a stretch that this is a story which would adequately be told to us.

Are you thrilled to see Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kasidy in the end credits of ‘Venom’? Do you think the sequel already sounds like something you’d want to watch? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Comic Book Movie