DC Universe subscribers will soon have full access to the entire DC catalog of digital comics, the largest archive of its kind.  Previously, the service offered a rotating selection of back issues and graphic novels, usually connected to other media releases (for instance issues of various ‘Teen Titans’ comics when ‘Titans’ premiered).  Upon the expansion, “thousands of single-issue comics” will be available with new comics being added regularly, one year after they are published.  The most recent example given is that subscribers can now read the entire ‘Rebirth’ initiative from 2016.


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DC Universe Senior Vice President and General Manager Sam Ades said:

“From the time DC Universe launched last year, our fans have loved the comic experience and have asked us for just one thing – more! We’re thrilled to respond to our fans yet again with the incredible value of the ultimate DC digital comics library.”

After complaints about the lack of selection, DC Universe announced plans in January to double the size of its digital comic book catalog.  Many indicated that the offerings seemed more tailored to novices, with single issues of new series and selected runs of other titles.  (Only the first 12 issues of Marv Wolfman and George Perez’s ‘New Teen Titans’ were offered to coincide with the release of ‘Titans’.)  While the selection allowed newcomers to sample various titles, this service isn’t really for newbies.  Only a diehard is going to pay $7.99 a month for a service that only offers DC Comics-related product and not much of it at that.

This is just one modification to the service since it launched late last year.  In December it was announced that original DC animated movies would be released on DC Universe the same day they are made available on DVD and Blu-Ray (which is about a month after they are released on digital).

It’s quite possible that DC Universe didn’t expect as much attention would be paid to its comic offerings, as the real selling point are the original TV series.  But with competition growing from other streaming sources, DC Universe needs to do whatever it can to stay in the game.

Are you a DC Universe subscriber?  Are you excited to get more comic book offerings?

Source: Screen Rant