Fans of ‘Real Steel‘ might be happy to hear that if a sequel is going to come it will be happening sooner than later! While it isn’t an absolute lock that we’ll see a bunch of giant rock em sock em robots duking it out once again on the big screen, it sounds as if it is an option that both director Shawn Levy (‘Night at the Museum’,’The Internship’) and lead actor Hugh Jackman (‘X-Men: Days of Future Past‘,’The Prestige’) are exploring. In fact they are eagerly trying to find the right take on the film because if they don’t soon they know it may never happen.

The original film dropped in October of 2011 and had a great debut making over $299 million worldwide. As sequels generally need to be released somewhat shortly after the original to have the same warm reception from fans, both Levy and Jackman feel the need to have this one done sooner than later:

“I know the clock is ticking… Hugh and I love that movie so if we can crack it, we’ll make it. But I have this sense that we better make that happen soon or frankly, the audience may not be there in the same way. So we shall see.”

Of course, he isn’t going to rush it. Both Levy and Jackman will only be doing a follow up if they can find the perfect script which has not yet appeared. The plot and journey needs to feel fresh and if they can’t have both of them come in, this is one sequel that won’t make a come back to the big screen.

“We have been quietly developing a sequel to Real Steel for three and a half years. We’ve come up with some great scripts, but Hugh and I would only make it if the plot feels fresh, but also the character journeys feel fresh. And we’ve found both, but never at the same time. It’s ongoing.”

I’m glad they are reaching for quality here as the first movie was a fun watch and I’d hate for the sequel to not live up to it. That being said, I hope they do find something as the concept for a sequel could be pretty open ended and with the success of both the first installment and ‘Pacific Rim‘, giant robots are clearly something we all want to see more of these days.

Would you be up for seeing more robot boxing in ‘Real Steel 2’? Do you think it is still fresh enough in your memories to want to see more of these giant fighting robots or with all of the films Jackman has in development will it be too far out at this point to make another go at it?

Source: Cinema Blend