As the legendary professional wrestling announcer and WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross used to say, “Business is about to pick up.” Though the rivalry appeared to be dropped at one point, WWE Superstar Stardust continues to taunt ‘Arrow’ star Stephen Amell week after week on WWE programming. As he feuds with Neville, the company’s closest thing to a superhero, the Prince of Dark Matter relentlessly throws jabs at the actor by referencing his character on the popular DC Comics series on The CW. But things recently began to heat up even more as the wrestler formerly known as Cody Rhodes stepped over the line and a sci-fi legend joined the fray.

After ripping up an issue of ‘Green Arrow’ in an earlier segment, Stardust defeated R-Truth in a match on Smackdown. However, the treachery came after the match as the bizarre superstar attempted to force a mask onto his beaten down opponent while proclaiming that Truth had “failed this city”. Sound familiar?

Amell didn’t take too kindly to this blatantly disrespectful act. He took to Twitter to retaliate, although it seemed like he was responding as the vigilante of Starling City this time around:

But Amell wasn’t the only actor that Stardust angered this past week. ‘Star Trek’ star and pop culture icon William Shatner also called out the superstar for the similarities between the Stardust and the Starfleet logos while also standing up for the Arrow. The face-painted foe responded in typical fashion:

Stardust certainly isn’t making any friends in Hollywood these days. If things continue, maybe Batista (who gained prominence as Drax the Destroyer in James Gunn’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’) or The Rock (who will be playing Black Adam in the upcoming ‘Shazam’ movie) will have to come in to take out the villain once and for all. Or maybe Amell can call in his new friend (and wrestling legend) Sting to join forces with Neville to stop Stardust’s wicked ways. Either way, things look like they will be coming to a head in New York on August 23rd at WWE Summerslam.

What do you think about Stardust’s recent antics targeted at Neville and Stephen Amell? What about the Superstar’s interaction with William Shatner? Share your thoughts in the comments below.