Gal Gadot was born to play ‘Wonder Woman’!  She did a phenomenal job in the hit film, which opened to a record-breaking $101 million (the best ever for a female director).  But to many, Lynda Carter still holds a crucial part in Wonder Woman history.  She starred as the superhero on television from 1975-79 and her version has been rerun ever since, connecting to new generations of fans.  The former Miss World USA has barely aged a day since her lasso-twirling stint and fans had hoped to see her in the live action film, but timing didn’t work out.  But director Patty Jenkins is hoping to get her for ‘Wonder Woman 2’.

For the record, Carter, an accomplished singer, was busy touring while ‘Wonder Woman’ was filming and wasn’t able to squeeze in the time to make an appearance.  The film shot in England and Italy, but Carter was on tour in the US.

Carter stated:

lynda-carter-wonder-woman“I’ve spoken to [director] Patty Jenkins. She talked to me on the phone about the character, and we were trying to see if I could do something with the movie, but it didn’t work out. The timing was off, and I was doing other things and couldn’t get over to where they were shooting.”

Now that her tour has wrapped, Ms. Carter has re-entered the DC Universe, playing President Olivia Marsdin on ‘Supergirl’.  (Named after the creator of Wonder Woman, William Moulton Marston, whose lover was named Olivia.)

So hopefully the door is open for Carter to cameo in ‘Wonder Woman 2’ in some capacity.

After all, Amy Jo Johnson and Jason David Frank put in a quick cameo in ‘Power Rangers’.  Even if it’s just a quick Stan Lee-style cameo, fans would be delighted!

What do you think?  Do you want Lynda Carter to appear in the sequel to ‘Wonder Woman’?

Source: Patty Jenkins