Things aren’t looking so good for the reboot of ‘The Crow.’ Just a few days ago, Relativity Media, the studio making the film, declared bankruptcy and almost immediately pre-production for ‘The Crow’ basically stopped as quite a few people jumped ship. The Hollywood Reporter has had contact with insiders that are saying that department heads and even an entire production team have left the project and that a “statement would be forthcoming.”

This is just one more bump in the road for ‘The Crow,’ which has had a rather turbulent production history. It wasn’t that long ago that Jack Huston, who had been slated in the title role of the film, left due to scheduling conflicts. While Nicholas Hoult and Jack O’Connell have been considered as replacements, no one had been confirmed. With things as they are, it seems unlikely anyone would commit just yet.

Aside from the obvious stalling of the project, what this means for the movie in the long term isn’t entirely certain. It’s entirely possible the rights to the movie could get sold to another studio, and whoever ends up with it may or may not consider it a priority. Let’s face it, the movie has no actor for its lead role, a decimated production crew, and an uncertain future. While it still possible that the movie could get made, at this point it doesn’t seem likely that it will happen anytime soon. We might be in for a pleasant surprise, but it seems that the most anyone who was looking forward to the remake of ‘The Crow’ can do at this point is just wait. You’ve been waiting since 2009, what’s a few months more?

So what do you think? Is ‘The Crow’ a movie worth saving or after all these years should it just admit defeat and be cancelled already? Let us know what you think in the comments below.