In ‘Arrow‘ news, last week, we learned that ‘Dawson’s Creek’ alum Dylan Neal had been cast as Doctor Anthony Ivo, a mad scientist that has clashed with the Justice League repeatedly over the years.  His major claim to fame was creating the powerful android Amazo.  Well, it seems he will have some help.

Heroes‘ alum Jimmy Jean-Louis has been cast as “The Captain” in a role that the production team describes as: “… a mysterious and deadly associate of Anthony Ivo and has a connection to a mystery of Season 2 called the ‘Amazo’ — which will be a familiar name to DC Comics fans.”  Indeed, Amazo is a powerful android who has the ability to mimic any super power he encounters.  In the comics, that means he has all of Superman’s incredible abilities, The Flash’s super speed and so forth, not to mention duplicates of Wonder Woman’s magic lasso and Green Lantern’s Power Ring.  However, since no one on ‘Arrow’ currently has super powers, it looks like producers will have to find a different twist.

At Comic-Con, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg discussed the creators’ process, “I think our best episodes always start with a strong story idea, and then we ‘Arrowfy’ it — which is actually a verb we use — after the fact. That keeps the show grounded in the realistic as opposed to starting with some hyper giant comic villain and trying to wrestle him or her into our world.”

CBR speculated that Jean-Louis’ The Captain may in fact transform into Amazo at some point.  But if so, that still begs the question of what his “schtick” will be in the ‘Arrow’ universe.

At any rate, are you excited to see The Haitian become The Captain?  What will this mean for Oliver and his potential allies?

Source CBR