With the release of ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past‘ right around the corner in the U.S., the driving forces behind the X-Men franchise are looking towards the future in a big way. Not only are they paving the way to continue the franchse, but they are also looking to get rid of some of the past!

Warning folks! Beyond these walls are a few spoilers for ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ which may or may not exist.

Obviously with time travel involved in ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ and the fact that Bryan Singer previously stating that the film would fix mistakes in seen in X3 and ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’, we all knew that retcons might be happening. Apparently, though, they may be bigger than previously thought! Producer Lauren Shuler Donner recently sat down and was asked how ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ would impact the previous films that had come before:

“Yes, it will be putting that right. Just forget about X-3! And the first Wolverine; forget about that too!.”

Here is the spoiler part. From what we understand, the end of ‘Days of Future Past’ will completely erase the events from ever happening in the first place! That means Cyclops and Jean Grey never died and we could be seeing them in the next ‘X-Men’ movie! (Of course, whether they will be played by James Marsden and Famke Janssen remains to be seen.)

That also leaves the question of Deadpoo, the Merc with the Mouth. Where are they on a ‘Deadpool’ spinoff movie? As Shuler Donner reveals:

“We so want to make it. We’re getting there. I think it will, but one thing now is the rating. If we make it a smaller budget movie, we can go for the R-Rating. If not, then we push the boundaries of PG-13 which is alright too. We just don’t want to saturate the market to the point where it’s just not special anymore.”

So while it looks like there is one in the works, they are trying to figure it out and it isn’t yet set in stone when or how a new Deadpool movie will end up being made.

You can watch the full video interview here:

Are you excited for the news that ‘X3’ will soon be a thing of the past and they could bring back both Scott and Jean? Do you think we’ll get any future installments with the older X-Men or are we just going to have the younger ones from here on out? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Hey U Guys