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Lex Luthor isn’t a man to be topped by others with money, so with Bruce Wayne getting some extra exposure in the recent Batman and Batmobile reveal, it now seems that Jesse Eisenberg (‘Zombieland’, ‘The Social Network’) is sitting down to explain what we’re going to be seeing of Lex in the upcoming ‘Batman vs. Superman.’

From what it sounds like in the interview, when taking about Lex Eisenberg stated he “will treat it like it’s its own role”. That may be due to the fact that the actor admitted he reallyhasn’t seen any other incarnations of his character.  “I don’t know really how different this — I don’t know the history as well as the people making the movie,” he admitted, “so I guess it’s up to them to figure out how much they want to separate it from previous incarnations.”

When asked if he was excited to be in a comic movie his answer was very vague.

“The character’s really good, so it’s like doing anything else. They make a lot of those movies, so if you’re an actor in things, you will probably cross paths with it at some point. But the character’s written really well. It’s a really great role. The fact that it’s in a big movie, you know, it seems like a character that would be in any kind of movie. It just happens to be in a bigger, flashier kind of thing.”

While clearly not everyone is going to be in a comics movie,  you would think with how rabid the fan base is, an actor would at least want to play a little more to the crowd and get them behind you. I know it’s a stretch, but you can do that by using a certain talent called – acting.

When it comes to Lex though, the most important thing to know is if Eisenberg will end up being bald in the film. While we’re all pretty sure he will be, at least by the end of the film, he gave out the canned “I’m not allowed to say anything, because of their privacy.” response. I’m overly unimpressed by his responses here.

While I understand he can’t go out giving spoilers, this really felt like the least enthusiastic responses during an interview of someone in a big budget comic film to date.

You can check out the full interview here:

What do you think about Eisenberg’s Luthor? Does that sound like we’ll be getting a different take from prior ones? Do you think he’ll end up bald? Share your thoughts below!

Source: IGN