The Batsignal appeared not in the sky, but on a building last night. And not a building in Gotham City, but Pittsburgh also known as Steel City.

Steel City welcomed the production of the newest sequel, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ to their city with a bit of lighting drama. Two local companies, Idea Foundry and Lightwave International created the signal which appeared on the downtown Highmark building. No word on how long the signal will be present in downtown Pittsburgh.

Production will begin in Pittsburgh on Friday July 29 and the noon press conference today looked a little like something that might have appeared in one of the Batman films. In attendance were actor Christian Bale, director Christopher Nolan, Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett and Pittsburgh Film Office Director Dawn Keezer. The only thing missing was a villain to interupt the proceedings. The group then welcomed the film production to their city and unfortunately not much else happened regarding the film.

At the press conference they did discuss road and building closures that were related to filming in the area. But, any new information about the film itself was kept quieter than a sulking Batman. Apparently Bale only spoke briefly to say “we hope to stay out of your hair.”

Let’s hope the film is more exciting than this press conference.