After over a year, the new season of ‘Westworld’ is almost here, and it promises to be a fresh start.  While Seasons 1 and 2 almost exclusively took place in the virtual wonderlands where the wealthy pay to spend their vacations in fantasy environments populated with hosts, androids that look and act like humans, that the humans can kill or fornicate with to their hearts’ desires.

But the new season opens the door on the real world, the futuristic society populated with humans, most of which are not the wealthy Westworld vacationers.  Considering the cutting edge technology employed in Westworld and the other false realities, how has that tech changed the outside world?

The series will dive deeper into that question, but for now, here is a short behind-the-scenes video released by HBO that explores this world.  While on the surface, it looks similar to our everyday reality, the flying cars and worker robots take things into the future.

Check it out below:

Season 3 introduces three new characters played by Aaron Paul (Caleb), Lena Waithe (Ash), and Marshawn Lynch (role unknown).  These are humans (at least so it seems at this point), indicating that the new episodes will perhaps focus more on their side of the story.

The returning cast includes Evan Rachel Wood (Dolores), Thandie Newton (Maeve), Jeffrey Wright (Bernard), and Tessa Thompson (Charlotte).  Dolores has escaped into the real world, while Maeve seems to be back in the role of a host in a world set during World War II.  But a face-off between the two has been teased, so either Dolores returns “home” or Maeve makes her escape at some point during this season.

Some viewers felt that Season 2 was too cryptic, as if the show was intentionally indecipherable.  The showrunners, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have stated that Season 3 will be less of a “guessing game.”

The first four new episodes will be entitled “Parce Domine,” “The Winter Line,” “The Absence of Field,” and “The Mother of Exiles.”

The first new episode of ‘Westworld’ airs this Sunday at 9 pm EST.


Source: /Film