Tessa Thompson, photo: John P. Johnson/HBO

Few shows on TV are filled with as many twists and turns and WTFs as HBO’s ‘Westworld’.  Viewers rack their brains and scrutinize minutia in hopes of figuring out “what’s really going on?” only to have the rug pulled out from under each theory.  But viewers might be able to sit back and enjoy the upcoming third story a bit more casually.

Co-showrunner Jonathan Nolan revealed:

“This is season is a little less of a guessing game and more of an experience with the hosts finally getting to meet their makers.”

In Season 2, the robotic hosts staged a revolt against their human masters, and with Evan Rachel Woods’ Dolores escaping altogether, into the real world.


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Nolan continued:

“I love shows that find a groove and hang with it for 100 episodes — that was never this show.  We always wanted every season to find our characters in radically different circumstances. And with a cast this talented, watching the metamorphosis of all these characters is one of the most fun parts.”

The first trailer for Season 3 didn’t even show any of the existing characters, and instead followed newcomer Aaron Paul, playing a construction worker named Caleb who appears to get sucked into the world of crime.  This clip gave fans their first extensive look at the “real” world of this reality, which was far from the REAL real world, with Caleb working side-by-side with robots and folks zipping around in flying cars.

Clearly, Caleb isn’t someone who could ever vacation in Westworld or any of the other artificial environments.  That means that viewers– and Dolores– will be encountering a new social caste, the underclass.  Or at least those that are not fabulously wealthy.

Nolan’s co-showrunner, Lisa Joy explained:

“We’re looking at the aftermath of the massacre in the park.  After all they went through to get out of the park, Dolores finally got what she wanted, so we wanted to see how she interacts with the world and what her plan is. That’s a part of the story we were excited to tell.”

‘Westworld’ will hold its panel at San Diego Comic-Con International on Saturday, July 20 in Hall H at 1:15 pm.  Nolan and Joy are both expected to be present along with cast members Ed Harris, Thandie Newton, Aaron Paul, Tessa Thompson, Evan Rachel Wood, and Jeffrey Wright.

‘Westworld’ Season 3 is set to arrive on HBO in 2020.


Source: Collider