Jason Isaacs Star Trek: Discovery Capt Lorca

William Shatner has set his phasers to stun and blocked Jason Isaacs on Twitter and the ‘Star Trek: Discovery‘ actor wants to know why! There was no mentioned as to the reason that the latest captain of a ‘Star Trek’ starship would be blocked and I’m sure it has nothing to do with Isaacs not wanting a Shatner cameo on the series.

For how Isaacs asked on why he was blocked it all came forward in this wonderful tweet:


If you read through the thread there seems to be quite a few people not happy with Shatner’s response or apparently the actor in general. This isn’t the first time the two have been at odds on the social media platform though as Isaacs previously stated in an interview over at The Telegraph:

“Bill Shatner started to troll me online. I was misquoted about Star Trek, and we got into this wild banter with each other. Then I met him and he seemed to have no knowledge of it at all. So I’m not sure he does his own Twitter feed, but I rather enjoy engaging with whoever online William Shatner is.”

It is hard to imagine that every celebrity fully manages their online presence. That being said, it would be strange if Shatner did and tried to pretend it never happened when he and Isaacs actually met out there in the real world.

Do you think that William Shatner or one of his employees blocked Jason Isaacs? Was it all over not wanting Kirk to cameo on ‘Star Trek: Discovery’? Share your thoughts below!