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In September, True Believers will see the rise of the Inhuman Royal Family in the Marvel Cinematic Universe on about 1,000 IMAX 3D screens for two weeks before the highly-anticipated series ‘Inhumans’ debuts on ABC. But before production can begin, the House of Ideas must find the right cast to go through terrigenesis and take up the mantles of Attilan’s elite. So far, ‘Game of Thrones’ star Iwan Rheon has been cast as Maximus the Mad. But now, we know who will play his brother, the enigmatic King of the Inhumans.

According to, Anson Mount from AMC’s ‘Hell On Wheels’ and ‘Crossroads’ starring Britney Spears has been chosen to lead the Inhumans as King Blackagar Boltagon a.k.a. Black Bolt. With a voice so powerful that the slightest whisper can destroy a city, the imposing monarch mostly stays silent unless he’s looking to do some real damage with his words. Considering that the role will require almost no dialogue, it will most certainly be a challenge for Mount to take on Inhuman ruler. However, Head of Marvel Television and Executive Producer Jeph Loeb believes that the actor is more than up for the task:

“Anson loves the challenge of playing a character who will only communicate silently. His enthusiasm mixed with his imposing almost regal persona made it easy to see why he is our Black Bolt.”

Once again, Marvel has brought on a surprising choice to play one of their most iconic heroes. But though Mount wasn’t exactly the frontrunner for the role in anyone’s mind, I could see how he could excel as Black Bolt. In addition to having a strong chin, the actor has very intense eyes. Since the King only communicates with his face and not his voice (when a telepath isn’t around), these things are very important to consider. But if the story calls for Black Bolt to leap into action, Mount looks like he’s ready to get pretty intense.

What do you think about Anson Mount playing Black Bolt in ‘Inhumans’? Do you think that he has the right look and the ability to play the silent ruler? And are you a little disappointed that Vin Diesel (or former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes) lost out on the role? Sound off in the comments.

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