Invisible Man screen shot
Universal Pictures/Blumhouse

Universal just revealed one trailer for ‘The Invisible Man’, but it was during the Super Bowl, so it was just 30 seconds long.  Now the studio has offered up the longest trailer yet for the upcoming Leigh Whannell thriller.

Elisabeth Moss stars as scientist Cecilia Kass, who is trapped in a toxic relationship with a fellow scientist, Adrian Griffin, played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen (‘The Haunting of Hill House’) who is physically abusive and controlling.  She attempts to escape her terrible life but is soon informed that Griffin is dead and has left most of his fortune to her.  But she soon discovers that Griffin has faked his death and has used his technology to somehow turn invisible.

Oh, that old story!  Of course, no one believes her outrageous claims.  So what does she do now?  Well, we’ll have to watch the movie to find out.


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With ‘The Mummy‘, Universal attempted to turn one of its classic monsters into a big-budget summer action movie, but audiences were not receptive.  So with the help of Blumhouse, the studio is going in the opposite direction, with a stripped-down horror movie that banks on old fashioned suspense, moodiness, and actual frights.  It’s an old adage in horror that sometimes what you can’t see is scarier than what you can, and it looks as though Whannell is really running with that.

Check out the new trailer below:



When Cecilia’s abusive ex commits suicide and leaves her a generous portion of his vast fortune, Cecilia suspects his death was a hoax. As a series of eerie coincidences turns lethal, threatening the lives of those she loves, Cecilia’s sanity begins to unravel as she desperately tries to prove that she is being hunted by someone nobody can see.

Harriet Dyer portrays Cecilia’s sister, who helps her escape from Adrian, while Aldis Hodge plays their childhood friend, James, and Storm Reid plays his daughter, Sydney.

‘The Invisible Man’ will come into focus in theaters on February 28, 2020.