the mummy Alex Kurtzman

The idea of restarting the classic creature features in Universal‘s “Dark Universe” was an exciting one. That is, until ‘The Mummy‘ was released 2017 and sent the entire idea, as well as Alex Kurtzman, down the drain. Now, the director is sharing that the movie wasn’t what he “wanted it to be.” There were long rumors that things got out of hand for the director from either studio involvement or Tom Cruise forcing changes to the script, but whatever the reasoning the end result was a disaster.

“The Mummy wasn’t what I wanted it to be. I’m no longer involved in that and have no idea what’s going on with it. I look back on it now [and] what felt painful at the time ended up being an incredible blessing for me. I learned that I need to follow my own instincts, and when I can’t fully do that, I don’t think I can succeed. Those films are beautiful because the monsters are broken characters, and we see ourselves in them. I hope those are the movies that they make; I want to see them.”

As he is no longer involved with the “Dark Universe,” he wasn’t able to go into any further detail and appears to be as much in the dark about the status of any future films that we are. He does say that he’d love to still see these films made, but Universal has been pretty radio silent on the entire idea of a shared cinematic universe of horror creations since ‘The Mummy’ flopped at the box office.

It is pretty easy to imagine that the entire idea has been scrubbed or is being reworked from the bottom up.

Do you feel that ‘The Mummy’ would have been more enjoyable had Alex Kurtzman been able to give us the movie that he wanted to? What do you think would have changed from the final cut to the director’s original vision for the film? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter