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Once upon a time, celebrities were a mystery, people only saw on the TV or movie screen, or read about in magazines.  Nowadays, stars and their fans have a more intimate relationship thanks to the wonder of social media.  But it seems as though ‘Morbius’ star Jared Leto wants to get even closer to his fans.  He took to Instagram to share his phone number so that fans could text him directly!

In the video, Leto said:

“Hey everyone, it’s your old friend Jared Leto. I’ve been thinking about things. I miss you. We’ve known each other for a long time and I should probably give you my phone number. It’s been a while, I’d love to hear from you. Send me a message, tell me if you miss me. What’s going on? I’ll hit you back. The number is 213.335.2223. We love you, take care. Goodbye.”


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Text me 🤓 213.335.2223

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Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?  Well, even  though Leto specifically asked fans to text, some have called the number and gotten this outgoing voicemail message:

“Hello. Hey. Just kidding. Uh, it’s me, Jared. You got the right number. I’m not here right now, so send me a text and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Okay. Bye-bye.”

Those that followed instructions and sent a text, received an automatic response which includes a link:

“Boo. It’s Jared Leto. Yes it’s really me. Click this link to add yourself to my contacts so I can text you back. I can’t wait to talk to you.”

Users are then directed to a page where they are asked to supply their first and last name, gender identity, birth date, city of residence, and email address.  If you feel secure enough in supplying that info, you will receive the following response:

“Holy guacamole, we’re text buddies now. I have to say this stuff, but everything after this is 100% me. Promise… Msg frequency will vary. Your carrier’s Msg&Data rates may apply. Reply HELP for help, STOP to cancel.”

This sounds a bit like the text bombs I get from local restaurants and such.  You know, the ones that act like you’re neglectful because you don’t eat there every week.  But instead of a chicken tenders restaurant, it’s a guy that terrorized his ‘Suicide Squad’ castmates with creepy presents like a live rat and a dead pig.  What could go wrong?

‘Morbius’ was directed by Daniel Espinosa.  The film also stars Tyrese Gibson as Simon Stroud, Adria Arjona as Martine Bancroft, Matt Smith as Loxias Crown, and Jared Harris in an undisclosed role, which is not Doctor Octopus.  The picture opens on July 31, 2020.


Source: ComicBook.com