Doctor DOOM

RUMOR MILL: Please take this information as strictly RUMOR as it comes from a fairly questionable source.

While many fans are excited to see the X-Men and Fantastic Four make their way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, don’t forget that their rights packages shifting over to Disney from 20th Century Fox also includes the rights to the figure that is perhaps the ultimate Marvel supervillain, Doctor Doom.  And while Marvel Studios hasn’t announced when the Fox characters will debut in the MCU, it may be setting the stage for the introduction of Doom in one of its upcoming Disney+ series, ‘WandaVision’.

This is far from etched in stone, but some Twitter posts from actor Sheila Knoxx indicate that she has been cast in ‘WandaVision’ and that she would be filming in “Doomstadt” the village frequently shown as the “capital city” of the kingdom of Latveria.  Actually, Knoxx indicated that the town of Helen, Georgia would be standing in for Doomstadt.

Screenshot via Murphy’s Multiverse
Screenshot via Murphy’s Multiverse

Check out Doomstadt from the comics:

Doomstadt in Dr. Doom comic panel
Marvel Comics

Now here is the picturesque town of Helen, GA:

Helen, GA to substitute as Doomstadt
Explore Georgia
Helen, GA to substitute as Doomstadt
Explore Georgia

Yes, that certainly looks like the typical Bavarian/German village, or rather the tourist trap version of one.  Bet they have great fudge!  (And beer!)

This could be used as a setting for ‘WandaVision’.  In the comics, Wanda Maximoff is from Eastern Europe, and since the original comics were published in the ’60s, the depictions of Europe were quaint villages such as this.


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We do know that ‘WandaVision’ will feature numerous disparate locations and is believed to include dream-like scenarios.  The villain Nightmare may play a part.

It was previously revealed that ‘WandaVision’ will include another Marvel property that was under the control of Fox, the alien taskforce S.W.O.R.D.

However, this is based on the postings of a minor actor (with only one IMDB listing, for a short), so take this all with a grain of salt.

‘WandaVision’ is now filming and is expected to arrive in early 2021.  It was developed for television by Jac Schaeffer.  Elizabeth Olsen reprises her role from the various Marvel films, as Wanda Maximoff, and it is rumored that she will officially adopt the moniker of the Scarlet Witch.  Paul Bettany also returns as The Vision.  Kathryn Hahn appears as their “nosy neighbor” Agnes, although some paparazzi pics indicate that there is far more to her role than that, with some speculating that she will turn out to be Agatha Harkness, a real witch from the Marvel Comics, who acted as a mystical mentor to Wanda, in the arts of manipulating real magic.  It is known that the series will bring back Kat Dennings, as Darcy Lewis from the first two ‘Thor’ movies, and Randall Park as Jimmy Woo, the FBI agent from ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’.  Teyonah Parris makes her debut as Monica Rambeau, a character that appeared in ‘Captain Marvel’ as a child, and who, in the comics, is a superhero on her own right, as the original female Captain Marvel, now known as Spectrum.  There are also rumors that ‘WandaVision’ could introduce William and Thomas, The Vision and Scarlet Witch’s twin sons who went on to become Wiccan and Speed of the Young Avengers.

Check back for updates as they are revealed.  Are you looking forward to Latveria possibly being revealed in ‘WandaVision’?