Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

We all want to know what is coming next for The Merc With The Mouth, and now it seems that the next movie is in development. Ryan Reynolds has confirmed that ‘Deadpool 3’ is in development over at Marvel Studios! Before you think that he may have found a way to sneak into one of the most secure movie studios in the world and film this on the sly, he also confirmed that the “whole team” was on board!

According to Reynolds:

“Yeah, we’re working on it right now with the whole team. We’re over at Marvel [Studios] now, which is like the big leagues all of a sudden. It’s kinda crazy. So yeah, we’re working on it.”

I’ll be eager to hear how the actor ends up sharing how working with Marvel Studios differs from Fox as you can be sure if the actor doesn’t share it on social media that it will be slipped into the behind-the-scenes featurettes.


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You can see Reynolds sharing the news on the talk show ‘Live With Kelly and Ryan‘ in the video below!


This was always the only Marvel franchise in which Marvel Studios had shown any indication that they were interested in continuing after regaining the rights to the ‘X-Men,’ ‘Fantastic Four,’ and related properties. There is still no word if Marvel Studios plans on continuing the franchise Fox started with the X-Men, will do a soft reboot of the character, or bring him into the greater MCU.

Are you thrilled to hear that a third ‘Deadpool’ movie is finally in development? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!