A&E has released the first teaser trailer for ‘Damien‘ and if you are hoping for some solid details let me stress that this really is a tease. We’re not given too much from this first look at the series which will be a new follow up for the events that were delivered in ‘The Omen,’ but we do know that it seems we’ll be focusing on more of an adult Antichrist than a child. While it would be easy to be skeptical about the idea of a sequel to ‘The Omen,’ you can’t argue that they’ve had a winning approach with the prequel series of ‘Bates Motel‘ so I’m a little excited to see where this could end up going.

It doesn’t at all hurt that ex-showrunner of ‘The Walking Dead’ Glen Mazzara will be in charge of the series.

All of that being said,we’re not given a lot to go on here. Of course ‘Bates Motel’ gave us the same kind of a teaser so I’m willing to withhold any real worry until the actual trailer drops.

In the series, we will follow Bradley James (‘iZombie‘,’Merlin’) as an adult Damian Thorne who has grown up not knowing his heritage. In fact, in the teaser we see him being told that “I bet you don’t remember much. That will change” to indicate that he most likely doesn’t even remember using his powers as a child. It’ll be interesting to see him come to terms with who and what he really is in this ten episode mini-series.

You can check out the first teaser for the series below and hopefully the next one will give us a little more of what we can actually expect from the show.

I’m really on the fence on this teaser. On the one hand it’s great to finally see something coming up from this series but on the other. this doesn’t have me sold. Of course the ‘Bates Motel’ teasers didn’t have me on board either until they actually started to show off the first full trailer and clips from the show. Joining James on the cast will be David Meunier (‘The Incredible Hulk’,’Revolution’) as Detective James Shay, Barbara Hershey (‘Insidious’,’Once Upon a Time’) as Ann Rutledge, Megalyn Echikunwoke (‘A Good Day to Die Hard’,’The Following’) as Simone Baptiste, and Omid Abtahi (‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2′,’Argo’) as Amani Golkar.

What are your thoughts on the first teaser trailer for ‘Damien’? Are you looking forward to the full trailer to drop or are you already sick of the devil without this or ‘Lucifer‘ having even aired yet? Share your thoughts below!


Based on the iconic horror film, “The Omen,” the new drama series, “Damien” is coming to A&E in 2016.

‘Damien’ will unleash The Antichrist on A&E in 2016.