Jim Starlin’s classic science fiction comic book ‘Dreadstar’ is being adapted to the big screen.  The book was published by Marvel Comics’ Epic imprint which allowed creators to keep the rights to their characters and their published exploits.  The concept originated in the magazine sized, black and white magazine ‘Epic Illustrated’ before its popularity led to the strip being given its own color comic, the first published by Epic Comics.

The storyline centered on Vanth Dreadstar, the sword-slinging sole survivor of the Milky Way and his ragtag team– magical Syzygy Darklock, telepathis Willow and feline Oedi as they attempted to outrun and outsmart two evil alien empires, The Monarch and the Church of The Instrumentality.

The film is being developed by J.C. Spink, of Benderspink, whose recent credits include ‘We’re the Millers’ and ‘The Incredible Burt Wonderstone’, along with Illuminati Entertainment’s Ford Lytle Gilmore.  Spink expressed, “Apart from ‘Star Wars’, this was my favorite science fiction story growing up.”

Gilmore added, “Dreadstar’ is one of the most important comics on the 1980s, paving the way for creators to control their own creations.   After decades of Jim exercising that control and turning away countless Hollywood suitors, I’m excited he’s trusting me and J.C. to do it right.”

Starlin is one of the biggest names in comics, turning in respected runs on ‘Iron Man’ and perhaps most famously space odysseys ‘Warlock’ and ‘Captain Marvel’.  He created cosmic villain Thanos, who made a much hyped cameo in ‘The Avengers‘ movie and Drax the Destroyer and Gamora,  who will star in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’.

Spink and Gilmore plan to hire a writer and have a completed script before shopping the project around to studios.  It should be noted that even though the original comics were published by Marvel, they were not owned by the publisher and they do not have any rights to the concept, therefore this movie isn’t part of the Marvel cinematic universe.

Were you a fan of ‘Dreadstar’?  Would you be interested in a live action movie?

Source: THR