WandaVision May Give Us Wiccan And Speed
Marvel Comics

It looks as though we are getting the ‘Young Avengers’ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe sooner than we may have expected!  We already have a teenage Cassie Lang played by Emma Fuhrmann in ‘Avengers: Endgame’.  In the comics, she becomes the size-changing Stature.  And we will get Kate Bishop, the new Hawkeye, in the Disney+ show, appropriately named ‘Hawkeye’, hopefully, portrayed by Hailee Steinfeld.  Now it sounds as though we might get Wiccan and Speed courtesy of the bizarre ‘WandaVision’!

Supervising producer Mary Livanos is featured in the new Disney+ documentary ‘Marvel Studios: Expanding the Universe’, and in one shot, she is seen with a comic book panel of Doctor Strange holding a baby, lifted from the 1985 miniseries ‘The Vision and the Scarlet Witch’, in witch which Wanda used her powers to alter reality to the extent that it allowed her and Vision to not only conceive children (what with him being an android and all) but for her to give birth to twins William and Thomas.


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A comic book continuity hot mess, and many years later it was revealed that these two boys grew up and developed powers similar to Wanda and her brother Quicksilver.  William, or Billy, became the magical Wiccan, a founding member of the Young Avengers (originally going by the name “Asgardian”) and he was later reunited with his long-lost twin brother Thomas, or Tommy, who joined the team as Speed.

(Wiccan, Stature, Speed… I never realized that the Young Avengers have the worst names in comics.)

It sounds as though ‘WandaVision’ will find Elizabeth Olsen‘s character stuck in a bizarre ‘Bewitched’-like sitcom artificial reality, or a warped form of reality, in which her beloved Vision (Paul Bettany) is still alive, they have a pesky neighbor (played by sitcom gold, Kathryn Hahn) and all of this insanity will snowball into a movie called ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ which also draws from the ‘Loki’ Disney+ show.  So… anything goes!


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Wiccan has a pretty sizeable fan following, because he is one of the first openly gay teenage male superheroes.  He is the longterm boyfriend of fellow Young Avenger, Hulkling.  (See my comment about their terrible names above.)  So now we just need Patriot and Iron Lad to be introduced, and we’re off to the races!  (Oh, and does the ‘Loki’ TV show see him turning into a kid?)

‘WandaVision’ is expected to arrive on Disney+ in spring 2020.  ‘Hawkeye’ featuring Kate Bishop is due in late 2021.

What do you think?  Would you like to see the Young Avengers in the MCU?