Hawkeye: Concept Art Gives An Idea Of What To Expect From Disney+
Disney+/Marvel Studios

None of the Marvel Studios original shows were available when Disney+ launched, but there was a tease of things to come, in the documentary ‘Marvel Studios: Expanding the Universe’, which, among other things, presented some concept art from the upcoming series.  ‘Hawkeye’ is actually the last of the four initial Marvel shows set to hit Disney+, and isn’t expected to arrive until late 2021.  Even so ‘Expanding the Universe’ offered some preliminary artwork that may give an idea of what to expect.

This appears to be very preliminary.  Unlike other concept art that has been released in the past for the movies and newer artwork for ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’, this isn’t nearly as photorealistic, although Jeremy Renner‘s likeness is pretty good.  The face of Kate Bishop is kind of generic, like comic book art, possibly because the actor playing her hasn’t been officially confirmed.

But on the plus side, look who else shows up– Lucky!

Check out the ‘Hawkeye’ artwork below:

Hawkeye concept art
Disney+/Marvel Studios
Hawkeye  Concept Art
Disney+/Marvel Studios
Disney+/Marvel Studios

Judging by the facial expressions, ‘Hawkeye’ looks to skew closer to the comedic side of the MCU.  Considering that this show is reportedly based heavily on Matt Fraction and David Aja’s 2012 ‘Hawkeye’ comic book series, that makes sense.  It’s not clear who’s driving that car in the first pic… is Kate driving with just her feet?  Also, it’s not clear what the purpose of the cut-outs on her costume are, but Kate may want to cover those up, based on the bandages in the last image.  And maybe get some kind of headgear.

Hailee Steinfeld is believed to be the top choice to portray Kate, but there may be an issue due to her newly-launched Apple TV+ show ‘Dickinson’, which has already been renewed for a second season.  Apple must reportedly give her permission to work on a different show, and the fact that Disney+ is a competitor may prevent that.

Jeremy Renner is returning as Barton, but this is expected to be his swansong as he passes the torch to Kate.  There was recently a push from some Marvel fans to replace Renner, after his estranged ex-wife Sonni Pacheco filed abuse allegations against him, but so far nothing has come of that.

‘Hawkeye’ is tentatively scheduled to arrive on Disney+ in late 2021.


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