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Justin Bieber is moving from music to animated movies with the upcoming project ‘Cupid’, hailing from the fledgling Mythos Studios, formed by Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun and former Marvel Studios chairman David Maisel.  Borrowing from Maisel’s Marvel experience, Mythos Studios is dedicated to crafting shared universes of movies, with ‘Cupid’ being the first entry in the “MythoVerse” which will draw inspiration from Greek and Roman mythology.  Bieber voices the lead character, and yes, it’s a musical.

Bieber shared this original artwork on his Instagram page:

Justin Beiber in Mythos
Mythos Studios

Pete Candeland, who has directed multiple music videos for the animation/music hybrid band The Gorillaz, is helming ‘Cupid’.  His work with The Gorillaz led to him crafting the ‘Beatles: Rockband’ video game.  Among his other credits are ‘Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas’, ‘Balto’, and the ‘Aladdin’ TV series.  Maisel based the story on the myth of Cupid and Psyche, with Carlos Kotkin (‘Rio 2’, ‘The Star’) working on the screenplay.

Far removed from the chubby cherub of St Valentine’s Day, the feature film’s Cupid is a winged archer with attitude — he’s charismatic but headstrong, no surprise considering he’s the offspring of Venus, the goddess of love, and  Mars, the war deity.

It is not yet known what other myths or legends will be part of Mythos Studios’ MythoVerse, but the studio has also secured the rights to the Aspen Comics library, based on the works of the late Michael Turner.  Mythos is already working on animated films based on the comics ‘Fathom’ and ‘Soulfire’.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Maisel had this to say:

“We are tremendously fortunate to have found brilliant creative partners whose artistry and storytelling talent will help us bring these very distinct yet universally themed stories to life on the big screen.  These three projects reflect our vision for Mythos Studios, which is to immerse viewers in cool, animated universes based on contemporary and classic mythologies that resonate around the world. We are excited to be moving forward with these films.”

Among Braun’s other clients are Ariana Grande, Carly Rae Jepson, and Demi Lovato.  Is it possible that they could lend their pipes to other Mythos projects?  (Or even this one?)

Check back for updates as they arrive.  How does a mythology-based animated shared universe sound to you?


Source: Deadline