Crisis On Infinite Earths promo

The massive ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ crossover is less than a month away, and the CW is gearing up for the big event in a variety of ways. With every DC series on the network “prepping” for the event with storylines building toward the crossover, the network has also begun its marketing campaign, starting with the first (BRIEF) teaser, which you can check out below:

While short, we do see Lex Luthor back in the mix and standing with the heroes as they seem to be facing off against the Monitor himself in a desert setting, or it could just be the juxtaposition of the images, as well as shots of Batwoman and Green Arrow on a mission in one of their cities, Black Lightning using his powers, and a shot of Brandon Routh as the Superman of another Earth, which might be a big reveal for any fans not paying attention to the news.


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Clearly a lot more trailers, promos and clips will be forthcoming from the network as they get audiences hyped up for the big event, especially as they build on the speculation on which of their titular characters will die by the end of it all. The entire event is clearly a labor of love for the network, who is spending a lot of time and energy (and money) getting it all to work and putting a lot of faith in the creatives behind the ‘Arrowverse,’ who have also been out promoting the crossover and sharing their excitement for the big event.

While speaking to EW back in July, producer Greg Berlanti spoke on the excitement and responsibilities of not only doing a massive crossover, but also of doing a story so well-known by comic fans:

“I never feel anything other than a sense of responsibility. Whenever we do an iconic story line or we do something that reminds us really vividly of one of those books that meant a lot to us, we have a sense of pressure and obligation of ‘Oh wow, we really don’t want to mess this up’ even more so than we usually do. So that fear overrides any kind of other emotion.”

Are you all caught up on the ‘Arrowverse’ shows and ready for the ‘Crisis?’ Do you have any new theories on what they could do during the crossover based on what we have seen so far this year in each series? Feel free to share any new theories or ideas you have in the comments below!