The Greg Berlanti-produced ‘Supergirl’ series, starring Melissa Benoist is coming to CBS this fall and will focus on Superman’s cousin, Kara Danvers, a fellow survivor of the destruction of Krypton.  On Earth, Kara has suppressed her alien nature, but the show will chronicle her evolution as she must continually use her super powers to help others.  The show also stars Mehcad Brooks as Jimmy Olsen and Calista Flockhart as Cat Grant.  Considering that ‘Supergirl’ is borrowing so heavily from Superman’s mythos, plus the precedence set by the 1984 ‘Supergirl’ movie which did not feature an in-person appearance by Superman, most assumed that the Man of Steel would not play a part on the series.

But the latest casting call indicates that Kara’s famous cousin will factor in in some capacity:

Photo Double Casting Call

We are looking for BODY DOUBLE for a DC Comic Superhero –
You must be available for an interview this Thursday and if selected will work several day during March.
This is for a CBS pilot. You can be SAG or Non-Union.
You should be 5’11 or taller and be Square Jawed
and have a ripped physique.
You must send a bodyshot, shirtless, sizes, current contact info and your first five to – in the subject line write SUPERMAN

Twins Casting Call

We are looking for Caucasian, 6-9 month old Identical Twins Boys and Identical Twin Girls for a new CBS TV Pilot. They must have a current entertainment work permit. This will work during the March. Send photos, age, contact info , a copy of permit to – in the subject line write TWIN BOYS OR TWIN GIRLS depending on who’s be submitted.

It flat out says put “SUPERMAN” in the subject line and indicates that this is a body double for a “DC Superhero” seemingly meaning that he’ll be in his super identity.  Of course it’s a body double, not a speaking role.  He may only appear in a photo or from afar.  (Also coincidentally, when I’m looking for a date, I also request “a bodyshot, shirtless, sizes, current contact info and your first five.”  Actually I’m not sure what first five is.)

As for the twin casting, usually twins are used to play single children.  These will probably be used to play Kal-El and Kara Zor-El as children on Krypton.

It’s still in the casting stages, so it’s not clear how large a role Superman will play.  Presumably it won’t be huge, since his presence would take the spotlight off of Kara, the show’s actual star.

What do you think?  How much Superman should appear on ‘Supergirl’?

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