Kevin Smith To Host 'Crisis Aftermath' Chat Shows Following "Crisis On Infinite Earths" Episodes
The CW

Kevin Smith is returning to the Arrowverse.  After having directed four episodes of ‘Supergirl’ and three of ‘The Flash’, Smith is stepping in front of the camera to host ‘Crisis Aftermath’, which is presumably a ‘Talking Dead’-like chat show that will help fans unpack all of the massive events of the upcoming mega-crossover “Crisis on Infinite Earths.”  One episode will air on Sunday, December 8th, after the “Crisis” episode of ‘Supergirl’, and the next will air on Tuesday, December 10, following ‘The Flash’.

The announcement came via ‘Arrow’s Instagram account:

Between these two episodes, on Monday, December 9th comes the ‘Batwoman’ “Crisis” episode, but for whatever reason, there will not be an ‘Aftermath’ following that.


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‘The Flash’ episode will be a cliffhanger, as “Crisis” will not wrap up until after winter hiatus, on ‘Arrow’ which will air on Tuesday, January 14, and will culminate in a special episode of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ on Tuesday, January 14.  No word yet on whether Smith will host ‘Crisis Aftermath’ episodes following those, but it’s hard to imagine there would be two episodes before the break and nothing to decompress after the event, which is guaranteed to really shake up the Arrowverse.  (Unless Smith only wanted to host these chats after the shows he has directed.)

Smith has previously appeared as a guest on AMC’s ‘Talking Dead’ and periodically hosts interview videos for IMDb.  This marks the first time that The CW has done a post-episode chat show.  If it’s successful, who knows?  Maybe this could become a regular feature, at least when it comes to special events.


Source: TV Line