Titans: Brenton Thwaites Talks Superboy And Promises Nightwing
DC Universe

‘Titans’ is almost half-way through its second season, and so far, much of the storyline has revolved around Dick (Brenton Thwaites) setting up the new team, taking on the banner of the original team, which included himself as Robin, Wonder Girl, Aqualad, Hawk, and Dove.  But just as he is hoping to get the new gathering on its feet, Deathstroke, the man responsible for the dismantling of the old team, has returned, and he isn’t alone.  He’s employed the services of the energy-based Doctor Light.

But this week’s new episode will add another storyline with the introduction of Superboy, who, in the comics, is a clone of Superman and Lex Luthor.  He’ll most likely bring his own baggage with him, but the Titans could certainly use the added muscle, with such powerful opposition.

Thwaites spoke to Entertainment Weekly and said:

“There’s a part of Superboy that Dick sees in himself. Superboy is someone who is also struggling with identity and a search for friends and family. He seems lost, he seems confused, and I think Dick [recognizes] he was just like that when he was a boy. Naturally, he wants to help him and do things for him that weren’t done for himself.”

DC Universe

With all the attention Dick is focusing on Superboy and the younger Titans, isn’t it time for him to maybe take care of himself?  He abandoned the Robin identity and fans of the comics are dying for him to suit up as Nightwing.  (Although, what’s the point?  They all constantly go up against their enemies in their street clothes and call each other by their real names, so why bother pretending to be comic book-style superheroes?)

Thwaites says that Nightwing is coming, and it won’t just be a matter of donning a new suit:

“Yes, you can expect him to suit up as Nightwing. Dick reaches a point of rock bottom toward the end of the season. Without spoiling it for you, it becomes the kick of engine fuel he needs to jump into his new skin, not only as Nightwing — or an external suit and change of colors — but also a frame of mind.”

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New episodes of ‘Titans’ are released on DC Universe every Friday.