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Though ‘Titans’ is meant to be an ensemble series, the heftiest chunk of it has been devoted to the growing pains experienced by frontman Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites).  This one-time Robin has flown the coup of Gotham City and headed to Detroit, although on the series, he hightailed it out of there pretty darn quickly.  He burned his Robin suit but hasn’t yet adopted the identity of Nightwing.  In most of the promotional artwork and photos for Season 2 (see above), Thwaites is depicted in his civilian guise, although we have seen a few clips of him back in the Robin outfit in upcoming episodes.  But the question on everyone’s minds is “When will he become Nightwing?”

‘Titans’ showrunner, Greg Walker, teases that fans will be happy by the end of the new season:

“It’s in the shadows, so stay tuned if you really want Nightwing information this season, I think you’ll be satisfied by the end of the year.”

DC Universe

Dick Grayson adopted the Nightwing identity in 1984, in the comics, so a large number of people only know him by that identity.  But if you go back and read the comics of that era, there was a period of several months, during which Grayson had no alter ego, after ditching the Robin ID but before adopting that of Nightwing.  So the show is in keeping with that.


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But fans can be an impatient lot.  Even so, the show’s creators and cast have been teasing Nightwing practically since the beginning.  We know it’s coming!  Unfortunately, Walker only stated that “Nightwing information” was coming.

‘Titans’ hasn’t been renewed for a third season yet.  And in all honesty, DC Universe’s future is a little cloudy, as parent company Warner Bros./WarnerMedia is launching its ambitious HBO Max streaming service in just a couple of months.  It has already been announced that fellow DC Universe series ‘Doom Patrol‘ will release its second season on DCU and HBO Max simultaneously.

HBO Max is also an international endeavor, whereas DCU is only available in the US.  All of this makes folks wonder if DCU will continue on for another couple of years, or if it will be shuttered, with its content being used to strengthen the appeal of HBO Max.

At any rate, here’s hoping that Dick either adopts the identity of Nightwing by the end of Season 2, or that ‘Titans’ continues past that somewhere.

‘Titans’ Season 2 has just begun on DC Universe.