Megan Ketch has landed the lead role of ABC’s new supernatural pilot ‘Gotham.’ If the name doesn’t sound familiar, that’s because she’s a newcomer in the entertainment world.

According to Deadline, Ketch graduated from New York University’s Graduate Acting Program just last year and has 2 guest spots (‘Law & Order: SVU’, ‘A Gifted Man’) and 1 movie appearance (‘The Wedding’) under her belt. While making the casting rounds this pilot season, she was offered to star in 3 pilots, one of which was the lead role for ‘Gotham.’

Ketch will play Annie Travers, a New York City detective, who, while investigating an “impossible murder’ of a nightclub owner, is stunned to learn that there’s a secret magical world that exists within New York City that everyone is unaware of. She will be joining Barry Sloane who was cast last week as Boyo, a detective from the magical world who ends up being partnered with Annie.

Michael Green (‘The River’, ‘Kings’, ‘Heroes’) wrote the script and will executive produce with Francis Lawrence (‘I Am Legend’, ‘Touch‘) directing.

It looks like supernatural procedural shows are on the rise with Grimm, Alcatraz and Awake all vying for television audiences. By the time ‘Gotham’ comes around, will they feel that this formula is too saturated? I guess we’ll have to wait and see if the network executives over at ABC think so as they decide if ‘Gotham’ deserves a chance to become a series.