'Titans' Showrunner Discusses Bruce Wayne's Role In Season 2
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Batman cast a huge shadow over ‘Titans’ Season 1, even though he didn’t appear on-screen save for a nightmarish fantasy sequence, created in the head of Dick Grayson by Trigon.  But Season 2 kicked off with a big reveal of Dick reuniting with Bruce Wayne face-to-face.  And… it was kind of a letdown.  After building Batman/Bruce up to be some sort of crazed monster obsessed with eradicating crime, the real Bruce Wayne, played by ‘Game of Thrones’ alumnus Iain Glen, turned out to be pretty chill.


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But we haven’t seen the last of him.  ‘Titans’ showrunner Greg Walker explains what to expect when Bruce Wayne returns.

“Well Bruce was a huge character on our show last year, you just didn’t see him, I mean for the most part.  For Dick, he was omnipresent and it felt like we really needed to dive into Dick’s relationship with Bruce to really understand Dick better. I was really excited as a writer to go into Bruce Wayne. There’s been so much done about Batman but there’s not a ton about being Bruce Wayne… Bruce is really awesome at being Batman, he’s kind of crappy at being Bruce.


“We wanted to work on Bruce Wayne trying to restore that relationship with Dick in a way get back to an updated version of father and son.  It could never be the Batman and Robin version anymore because Dick has grown past that and rebelled against it, but what could it be if it goes past that? You have to deal with forgiveness and moving on and kind of adult themes, so I was really excited about writing that. Iain, he has so much stature, he is such a gifted actor with his grace and elegance and weight that he can handle the drama of a man struggling to deal with his estranged son better than anybody I could think of.”

Supposedly, Dick (Brenton Thwaites) will become Nightwing this season.  There are expected to be 12 episodes in Season 2, and so far five have been released.

New episodes of ‘Titans’ are released every Friday on DC Universe.  What do you think of the season so far?


Source: ComicBook.com