Catwoman Will Be A Woman Of Color In Matt Reeves' 'The Batman'

It has been announced that Warner Bros. has been looking to cast an actress in the role of Catwoman for 2021 film ‘The Batman’. The kicker is that the actor behind the mask will be a woman of color.

‘The Batman’ has been at keeping  fans in the dark about its details, but info about the upcoming film has been coming out little by little. The first big reveal was that Robert Pattinson would portray Bruce Wayne. The most recent was when it was reported that Jonah Hill is in talks to join the project, although his role remains a mystery (unofficially it has been rumored he will play The Riddler).

Now, it seems that Catwoman has a role in the superhero film which will be written and directed by Matt Reeves. According to reports, Warner Bros. Pictures is looking for an actress of color to bring the character Selina Kyle to life on the silver screen and fans, including myself, are excited. The announcement came from Justin Kroll who appeared as a guest on a podcast hosted by Robbie Fox.

During their conversation, Kroll let fans in on two pieces of information: The Matrix 4′ is looking to cast a Young Neo and Catwoman will be played by an actress of color.


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This announcement is actually the most recent of many reports. Earlier in the year it was reported that Reeves has been discreetly searching for an actress who would be able to step into Catwoman’s heels and use her famous whip. In terms of what actress would (or should) play Catwoman, there have been many reports from Zoë Kravitz being the ideal star to handle the role to Michelle Pfeiffer, who portrayed the character in Tim Burton’s 1992 film, endorsing Elle Fanning for the role.

Personally, I would absolutely love to see Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman and I think that she embodies everything that the character is. Do you have any actresses of color in mind you would like to see play Catwoman? Let me know in the comments!


Source: Jeff Sneider Twitter