Back in July, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment announced that they would be releasing a special 30th anniversary edition of the ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy on Blu-ray and DVD. Just in time for the day that Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown traveled to in the future, fans can own the legendary franchise from filmmakers Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis, and Bob Gale along with over two hours of special features including archival featurettes, music videos, retrospective documentaries, two episodes of the 1991 animated series, and (arguably the best part of the whole thing) footage from ‘Back to the Future: The Ride’. However, the most interesting new addition to the set that is sure to coerce the world into buying another copy of these movies is the all-new original short titled ‘Doc Brown Saves The World!” starring Christopher Lloyd and one of the most recognizable time machines in all of pop culture. And now we have a sneak peek at what the good doctor is up to.

Earlier this week, Universal released a teaser for the upcoming short that will be available to everyone purchasing the new ‘Back to the Future’ box set on October 21, 2015. Though it only clocks in at less than fifty seconds, the brief video shows off some beloved elements of the film series like the wild-haired crazy-eyed scientist, his iconic DeLorean, and the classic text reading “To be continued…” You can check it out for yourself below thanks to the studio’s YouTube page:

What do you think of Christopher Lloyd donning the white lab coat and getting back in the DeLorean for new ‘Back to the Future’ shorts? Will you be picking up the 30th anniversary edition of the trilogy (or better yet, the ‘Back to the Future: The Complete Adventures’ set with the complete animated series and light-up Flux Capacitor packaging) to see the ‘Doc Brown Saves The World’? Let us know in the comments below.