Lost In Space

Hey, remember ‘Lost in Space’?  Netflix’s reboot of the Irwin Allen’s sci-fi classic arrived last April and was renewed for a second season in May.  But since then?  Crickets.

Luckily, co-star Maxwell Jenkins who plays the youngest member of the Robinson family, Will, was on hand at the Saturn Awards, where he spoke to TV Line about ‘Lost In Space’s status.  According to Jenkins, the second season wrapped a few months ago, but keep in mind a sci-fi show like this will require lots of post-production.  (An “insider” has stated that Netflix hopes to have it out by the end of the year.)  But Jenkins said that Netflix should be announcing a release date “shortly.”  The first few weeks of filming took place in Iceland.

As for plot points, Jenkins teased “driving lessons for Will” and “a lot more storytelling” between Will and the Robot.


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Expect news about ‘Lost in Space’ soon, as Netflix is bringing the series to New York Comic Con next weekend and has stated that it will be presenting “an exclusive first look” of the new season.

‘Lost in Space’ focuses on the Robinsons, a family selected to journey, along with others, to find a planet suitable to relocate the Earth’s population.  But after their craft, The Resolute is attacked, they find themselves stranded on a sometimes inhospitable planet seeking a way to reconnect with The Resolute.

Molly Parker stars as Maureen, the matriarch of the Robinson clan, and a leading scientist and engineer.  Toby Stephens portrays her husband, John, a Navy SEAL.  In addition to Jenkins’ Will, they are accompanied by their two daughters, Judy (Taylor Russell) and Penny (Mina Sundwall).  Among the others that are stranded with them are engineer Don West (Ignacio Serricchino) and the very shifty Doctor Smith (not her real name — Parker Posey).  On the planet, Will befriends a mysterious robot, which has proven to be quite a valuable asset (and much more mobile and resourceful than the version in the old TV show).

Expect to learn more next week.  New York Comic Con runs next Thursday-Sunday, October 3-6.